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Sleep Apnea Complications: Impact on Your Health By Kenneth Malament on January 30, 2018

A woman putting up with her partner's snoringSleep apnea is more than just a bad case of snoring. An arena refers to an interruption in breathing. These breathing interruptions can happen frequently when you sleep, in some cases lasting minutes at a time. A poor night’s sleep for many nights in a row can take its toll on your health, which is why it’s so important to seek professional sleep apnea treatment.

Our team of Boston, MA dentists would like to go over some of the basics when it coms to the health problems caused by sleep apnea. By knowing the complications the condition can cause, you can speak with your doctor about what treatments are available.

Daytime Drowsiness

Feeling sleep during the day can take its toll on you while trying to finish daily tasks. The biggest worry is dosing off at an inopportune or unsafe time. This can be especially dangerous during your commute. Falling asleep behind the wheel, even just for a second, can be disastrous.

Fatigue and Low Energy

In addition to drowsiness during waking hours, people who suffer from sleep apnea tend to experience problems with fatigue and their overall energy level. You might feel sluggish during the day while doing work, or exhausted by the time you get home, unable to accomplish necessary tasks.

High Blood Pressure (Hypertension)

A number of studies have found links between sleep apnea and problems with your blood pressure. This is typically linked to a lack of restful sleep. High blood pressure over a long period of time can be a sign of many other health problems.

Heart Disease and Cardiovascular Problems

With heightened blood pressure comes a heightened risk of developing heart disease and cardiovascular problems. This might also come as a result of lower activity levels caused by fatigue, exhaustion, and a sedentary lifestyle.

Weight Gain

When you’re tired and not exercising as much, chances are you may not be eating right either. Many people who suffer from sleep apnea wind up also experiencing weight gain. This can exacerbate many other health problems we’ve listed above.

Type 2 Diabetes

There have been a number of studies that link bad sleeping to type 2 diabetes. This could be due to a whole host of factors, though issues with weight gain and poor blood pressure tend to be among them.


Sleep apnea doesn’t just affect your physical health. A lack of proper sleep can also impact your mental wellness. Many instances of depression are linked to a lack of sleep. Depression may also be linked to the other health problems listed above, which just goes to show how serious sleep apnea can be.

Getting the Help You Need

If you notice any of the above health issues related to snoring, insomnia, and a lack of restful sleep, it’s important that you speak with your doctor about potential treatment options for sleep apnea.

A sleep study will determine if you suffer from sleep apnea and what kind of sleep apnea it is. From there, a professional treatment plan and suggestions for at-home care/lifestyle changes can be developed to help combat the condition.

Learn More About Enhancing Your Wellness

To learn more about sleep apnea and how it can be effectively treated, be sure to contact our team of dentists. We at Boston Prosthodontics Dental Group will help with proper diagnosis and treatment of this serious condition.

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