Boston Prosthodontics Dental Group

Boston Prosthodontics Dental Group


The Anatomy of a Tooth: Dental Health Basics

A tooth has different layers. The Boston, MA dentists at our practice consider the anatomy of your teeth and how that affects the dental treatments…

Kenneth Malament Jun 10, 2018

The Stages of Tooth Decay: How Cavities Develop

Cavities develop in different stages. The dentists at Boston Prosthodontics consider how tooth decay progresses and what treatments can help restore your dental health.

Kenneth Malament Jan 11, 2018

Dental Damage and Aggressive Tooth Brushing

Aggressively brushing the teeth can do more harm than good. Find out how as we consider dental damage and aggressive tooth brushing.

Kenneth Malament Jul 10, 2017

What Causes Poor Gum Health?

Find out what causes poor gum health and how you can protect your smile in this blog post from Boston Prosthodontics Dental Group.

Kenneth Malament Jun 12, 2017

Tooth Abfractions and Dental Damage: What Is the Link?

Tooth abfractions are linked to and can lead to various kinds of damage that affect your dental health. Let's consider the fact.

Kenneth Malament May 10, 2017

Why Are My Teeth Sensitive When I Chew?

Biting, chewing, and pressure can cause your teeth to be quite sensitive. Let's consider the causes and treatments for tooth sensitivity.

Kenneth Malament Apr 10, 2017

Family Dentistry Services: What to Expect

Family members have different dental care needs at various stages of life. Let's take a moment to consider dentistry for people of different ages.

Kenneth Malament Feb 10, 2017

The History of the Toothbrush is More Interesting Than You Think

The history of the toothbrush goes back thousands of years and demonstrates the importance of oral hygiene even in the ancient world.

Kenneth Malament Nov 11, 2016

Tooth Sensitivity to Hot and Cold Foods and Drinks

If you experience tooth sensitivity when consuming hot and cold foods and drinks, the discomfort may be temporary or chronic.

Kenneth Malament Oct 11, 2016

Prevent Dental Damage with Teeth Grinding Treatment

Don't let teeth grinding destroy your smile. Find out if teeth grinding treatment is right for you.

Kenneth Malament Jun 10, 2016

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