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Dental Implants

At Boston Prosthodontics, we don’t believe you should have to live with compromised chewing ability or a conspicuous gap in your smile.

At our Boston, MA, practice, we offer dental implants, an advanced method of tooth restoration for patients missing one or more teeth.

So why should you invest in an implant-supported restoration?

The Life-Changing Benefits
​of Dental Implants 

Restored Function

Dental implants give excellent stability to your replacement teeth, allowing you to eat a wider range of foods, enunciate with greater clarity, and achieve a normal-looking smile. You can enjoy the foods you like, including whole fruits, steaks, and even chewing gum, without worrying that your dental restoration will shift.

Designed to Last

For the right candidates, dental implants are widely regarded as the best solution for missing teeth. Dental implants themselves are crafted from biocompatible titanium and when properly cared for, they can last a lifetime. Meanwhile, your implant-supported crown, bridge, or denture will be crafted from high-grade porcelain that is durable, natural-looking, and stain-resistant. 

Improved Oral Health

Our teeth are constantly stimulating the bone tissue in the jaw. When you have a missing tooth, the jaw will begin to atrophy. Implants replace the tooth roots and are the only form of dental restoration that can stop this bone recession. Among many other benefits, this effect can help to protect your remaining natural teeth and contribute to good oral health in general.

Enhanced Quality of Life

Few things in life are more fundamentally enjoyable than savory meals, long talks with friends, and sharing smiles with those you love. Dental implants make it possible to experience these simple joys to the absolute fullest. Our natural-looking dental implant-supported dentures and other restorations give patients the confidence to show off their smiles with pride, boosting self-esteem and improving your quality of life. 

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Our mission at Boston Prosthodontics is to provide the highest quality of dentistry for every patient's needs, from the simplest restorations to the most complex reconstructions.  Our dentistry practice is led by renowned prosthodontist Kenneth A. Malament. He and Drs. Dan Nathanson, Hans Peter Weber, and Alissa Mariano strive to help patients experience the best possible benefits of dental implants.

We are proud to be one of the leading dental implant providers serving residents of Boston and the surrounding area. If you are missing teeth and are considering dental implant treatment, contact Boston Prosthodontics online or call us at:

(617) 523-5451 

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"Dr. Malament is an artist."




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I have been a patient of Dr. Malament's since 1991-2. That, in and of itself, tells the story but I am also very fond of the staff that has been constant all these years too. Denise and Marybeth feel like family and the hygienist, Diane is superb. Dr. Malament is not just a first rate dentist but an artist.

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Madeline Taylor


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Dr. Malament's work is of the highest standard. He and his team have created numerous crowns for me over the years with attention to the both aesthetics and overall dental health. My regular dentist has observed many times that Dr. Malament is at the top of his field and his work has no parallel.

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Wondering whether you qualify for implants?

Take a look at how implant-supported restorations work...

Illustration of jaw and dental implant

What to Expect

Dental implant surgery is performed in our world-class facilities by doctors who have undergone advanced training. Your dental implant timeline will depend on several factors, including the need for preparatory procedures and the number of teeth you need to replace.
Osseointegration is the most crucial step in the process and typically takes about four to six months.
Osseointegration is the most crucial step in the process and typically takes about four to six months.


During your consultation, the doctor will perform a thorough examination of your teeth, gums, and jawbone using the latest x-ray technology. This will allow us to determine if any prerequisite procedures such as tooth extractions are needed, and to create a treatment plan tailored to your unique needs. Your doctor will explain the procedure to you in detail and answer any questions or concerns you may have.

Preparatory Procedures

For patients who require preparatory procedures, a follow-up dental appointment will be scheduled. The doctor will perform any necessary tooth extractions and bone grafting procedures. Healing from tooth extractions generally takes two to three weeks. In cases where bone grafting is needed, it will require an additional three to six months of recovery.

Dental Implant Placement

During your first placement surgery, the doctor will begin by administering anesthesia and make incisions in the gum tissue. The dentist then places the titanium implants into the bone tissue. The duration of the procedure will depend on how many implants are being placed, but it generally takes two to four hours.


While you recover from surgery, the implant posts will fuse with your jawbone in a process known as osseointegration. Osseointegration is the most crucial step in the implant process and typically takes about four to six months. The doctor will monitor your progress through a series of follow-up appointments to ensure there are no complications.

Abutment Placement

Once the dental implants have completely fused to the bone tissue, the doctor will attach titanium abutments that connect the restorations to the implants. While abutment placement is a minor dental procedure, patients typically need about two to three weeks for gum tissue to heal before receiving permanent restorations.

Restoration Placement

After the abutments have been placed, the prosthodontist will take digital impressions of your smile that the dental lab will use to fabricate your custom restoration. Once your implant-supported crown, bridge, or denture is complete, the dentist secures it in place and checks the fit. After any necessary adjustments are made, the treatment is complete.

"Dr. Malament is top-notch for the simplest to the most complex procedures."


Dave Walsh


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Excellent dental work and great staff.  Dr. Malament is top notch for the simplest to the most complex procedures.

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I have been a patient of Dr. Malament's since 1991-2. That, in and of itself, tells the story but I am also very fond of the staff that has been constant all these years too. Denise and Marybeth feel like family and the hygienist, Diane is superb. Dr. Malament is not just a first rate dentist but an artist.

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A Closer Look at The Procedure 

So why should you choose Boston Prosthodontics Dental Group for your implants?

Personalized, State-of-the-Art Implant Treatment

At Boston Prosthodontics Dental Group, we incorporate advanced technology into all treatments. Our sophisticated dentistry techniques not only shorten your overall treatment time, but also minimize the risk of complications and the amount of pain associated with the procedure.

Three-dimensional panoramic x-rays help us plan your procedure with exceptional precision, while our in-house lab ensures that your restorations will look indistinguishable from natural teeth. Contact our Boston, MA, office online today to schedule a consultation, or call us at

(617) 523-5451 

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Superior Technology and Equipment for Superior Results

implant restorations

In-House Lab

We have an in-house laboratory that provides the highest quality custom replacement teeth. Our team of technicians create world-class restorations that give our patients something to smile about again and again.

Cone Beam 3D imaging machine

Cone Beam Scanner

Cone beam 3D imaging allows dentists to see clear, detailed, images of your teeth and jaw. This technology helps us to plan dental implant procedures with exceptional accuracy and is an essential diagnostic tool we use to determine candidacy and identify the need for preparatory procedures.

"Thoroughly Satisfied."

My husband and I have stayed with our dentist, Dr. Dan Nathanson, since his postdoctoral training at the Harvard Dental School. We are thoroughly satisfied with his care and his recommendations and advice. Heidelise Als

Healthy Recovery Is Key  To Successful Implants 

dental implants
Implants essentially become a part of your jaw, offering the ultimate support for our premium restorations. Our dentists will provide the guidance you need to ensure a successful recovery resulting in many years of benefits.

Recovering From Surgery  and Maintaining Your Dental Implants 

Days One through Three

Be gentle around the treatment area in the days following implant placement. You should refrain from strenuous exercise and avoid eating hard foods that could disturb the treatment area. Change the bandaging or gauze frequently, and apply ice packs as needed to mitigate swelling. Most patients manage pain by using a low dosage of over-the-counter pain medications.

Weeks One and Two

During this time, the swelling will begin to subside. You should be eating soft foods to ensure your comfort. We recommend you regularly rinse your mouth with salt water to promote healing. We will schedule a post-operative appointment at our Boston, MA, office to monitor your recovery.

Months One through Six

In the months following implant surgery, osseointegration takes place. During this time, the implants will fuse to your jaw. It is essential to maintain good oral hygiene during this time to promote proper healing.  

Ongoing Care

After you have fully healed from implant surgery, your abutments will be attached during a minor surgical procedure. In about two weeks, after your gums have healed, you can receive your permanent restoration. You should care for your implants and replacement teeth the same way you care for your natural teeth: brush twice daily and floss once a day. At-home oral care should be supplemented with regularly scheduled dental visits. 

the boston prosthodontics team

Boston Prosthodontics Dental Group

At the Boston Prosthodontics Dental Group, we pride ourselves on providing the highest possible standard of care for all of our patients. Our team of doctors is affiliated with a variety of prestigious organizations, including:

  • The American Board of Prosthodontics
  • American College of Prosthodontists
  • Academy of Osseointegration

For more information about our services, contact us online or call (617) 523-5451 today.

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