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Replacement Teeth That Mimic Nature

Dentist treating a patient by replacing missing teeth in Boston

Whether you’re missing one, several, or all of your teeth, living with gaps in your smile can have a drastic impact on your daily life. We have patients come to us facing a variety of tooth loss situations that have caused them to lose confidence and feel uncomfortable showing their smile. We love taking these cases on because there’s nothing better than restoring smiles to their natural appearance and function by replacing missing teeth in Boston. For us, there’s also nothing more rewarding than being able to watch our patients walk out of our dental office smiling with pride. Start your journey today by scheduling a consultation with our team of expert prosthodontists.

Why Choose Boston Prosthodontics Dental Group for Missing Teeth Replacement?

  • World-Renowned Team of Board-Certified Prosthodontists
  • All Aesthetic Restorations are Hand-Crafted In-House
  • Concierge Emergency Prosthodontic Care for Existing Patients

Dental Implants

Illustrated dental implant with a dental crown

Today, a majority of our patients decide to invest in dental implants due to the large menu of benefits they offer over their traditional counterparts. Instead of needing to anchor replacement teeth to your existing, healthy teeth or using unreliable natural suction to get dentures to stay in place, we can provide restorations with strong, unwavering foundations. Once they’re inserted below the gumline and into the jawbone, dental implants can secure a crown, bridge, or denture within the mouth with little-to-no alteration of surrounding teeth necessary. Their natural look and function will also help you feel more confident eating and speaking, improving the quality of life.

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Dental Bridges

Illustrated dental bridge replacing a missing tooth

Dental bridges are customized restorations that contain two components: dental crowns that anchor the restoration in place using dental implants or existing teeth, and free-standing replacement teeth, called pontics. They can be made to replace anywhere between one and three consecutive missing teeth, restoring the space within your arch. Our prosthodontists recommend having them crafted from natural-looking materials like ceramic, which can mimic the appearance of tooth enamel by reflecting light. Ceramic is also a highly durable material with the ability to last for over a decade with proper maintenance.


Dentist holding a denture in each hand

Whether you’re missing several or all of your teeth across an arch, dentures can restore the full function and appearance of your grin. Our prosthetics are fabricated from the highest quality denture materials, like fracture-resistant  acrylic and highly esthetic denture teeth to offer a lifelike look and outstanding durability. We can also secure your denture to anywhere from four to eight dental implants to offer unmatched stability and replace the entire structure of your missing teeth.

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